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Niccinoo Creations

Memory Bears & Keepsakes Made With Love

It means so much to me knowing that my keepsakes will bring you special memories of a loved one or become a collectible that will be treasured for years and generations to come.

Memory Bears

Memory bears are a unique way to capture and enjoy the memory of loved ones or special times in your life.  Special blankets or items of clothing are made into one of a kind teddy bears that can be displayed and cuddled rather than stuffed in a drawer somewhere.   The original memory bear was made for my granddaughter in the USA out of my mother’s dressing gown. So special to have the multi-generational connection.


Soft sculptured dolls are old time classics loved by generations of little girls and collectors.  Having granddaughters on the opposite sides of the globe meant that I needed something special to send them on those days when I wish I could be there in person.  I found that a close second to being there was sending a hand-made doll.


Crocheted teddies came about when my love for bears and crocheting collided in a moment of creativity.  Each one is unique in every stitch.

Mohair Bears

Mohair Bears are at the heart of what I do.  For years these bears allowed me to work and stay at home with my children when they were growing up.  I am privileged to have my bears in the hands of collectors all over the world.   Each Bear is a fully jointed hand-crafted bear with a unique character.  Most are one of a kind creations that will never be found anywhere else.